Nationwide Auto Shipper

We will move your car safely from door to door anywhere in the continental United States. We will always recommend the most appropriate method of transport for your vehicle and specific needs.

Open Transporter

An open transporter is completely open and unprotected from the usual conditions on the road. They are also the same type of transporters that you see dropping new cars off at dealerships. This is the most affordable way to transport your vehicle. While open transporters are the most affordable they do have height, weight and even wheel base limitations. Also keep in mind that if you choose an open transporter your vehicle will be exposed to anything that happens on the road.

Enclosed Transporter

An enclosed transporter is fully enclosed protecting your vehicle from the usual conditions on the road. These transporters haul fewer vehicles but can protect your valued investment from debris, rocks, and severe weather. Going with an enclosed transporter lets you rest easy while your sentimental, vintage, or exotic vehicle is protected. However there are fewer enclosed transporters on the road, so your pick up window will likely be a little longer then if you chose an open transporter. Enclosed transporters are also able to handle some vehicles that open transporters cannot.

Flat-Bed Transporters

A flat bed transporter is an open transporter able to accommodate over and under sized, lifted or lowered, as well as three wheeled vehicles. These transporters haul even fewer vehicles then enclosed transporters, but have even fewer restrictions to height, weight, and wheel base width then both open and enclosed transporters. Flat bed transporters do not protect against debris, rocks, or severe weather. And as with enclosed transporters, with fewer on the road your pick up window may be longer then with an open transporter.